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Crossing the Rubicon of Life

This is the light of my soul, a sacred territory upon which no one may intrude!

8 December 1982
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God I hate these "Tell about yourself" boxes.....
OKAY! So, hiya, I'm Adam. I'm your average weird guy that everyone loves. Really. Ask anyone, they'll tell you 2 things: fun/weird, and lovable.

Anyway, I digress, where was I? Okay, so, I'm an artist, or rather, on still in training. My learning to be a modeler and an animator. School is great, but it consumes my schedule like some sort of.....well....schedule consuming monster. Unicron perhaps? Yes, there we go, my school is the destroyer of lives.

What else.....OH, I'm very honest. Ask me something, and you'll typically get an answer. So if you really don't want to know something, you best not ask. I also tend to be very forward about things, which may or may not irritate others.

Also, I innuendo a lot. It's just force of habit, it's what I do. You'll get use to it eventually.

Yup, scary. I'm just a scary person. Run away if you think you can.